Arts Anywhere, The First Comprehensive Online Arts Curriculum!

Why just read about the arts when you can do them!

Created by artists, educators, and digital learning specialists, ArtsAnywhere is the first comprehensive online arts curriculum for grades 7 - 12 designed to make the arts accessible in any traditional, online, or blended learning environment.

In the ArtsAnywhere curriculum, students DO the arts and don't just read about them.

Optimized across almost any device with the internet, each of our nearly 3,000 modular lessons in Dance, Media Arts, Music, Theatre, Visual Arts and Cross-Disciplinary Studies can be done on computers, tablets, and even smart phones!

With the budget challenges facing many schools today, ArtsAnywhere provides a powerful and affordable solution to enhance classroom or online offerings in the arts, and also includes embedded complimentary textbooks for the students to keep that were written specifically to match each course.


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Download the ArtsAnywhere Info Packet for more information.

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