BrainHoney LMS: Driving Distance Learning For Your Districts!

Montage Education would like to remind you of the approval of our contracts for providing BrainHoney Learning Management System (LMS) and Distance Learning Services to Erie 1 BOCES and to BOCES across New York State!

A Powerful Learning Management System For Your Online Curriculum!

As you look to launch  or expand your Distance Learning initiative, we would like to make sure you keep the BrainHoney Learning Management System as a viable and superior option.  BrainHoney LMS is a blended and online learning platform for the 21st century. The platform allows continuous enrollment, course chaining (for auto updating of linked courses), prescriptive pretesting, formative assessment engine for individualizing curriculum delivery to ALL students. Add drag and drop standards alignment and objective mastery tracking to help teachers know where students need assistance and you have a sophisticated learning management tool for maximizing teacher resources and driving student achievement! 

Learn more about the BrainHoney solution and how it can impact the districts in your BOCES by clicking HERE!


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Use below contract numbers  for your school/organization to make purchases of BrainHoney LMS and Distance Learning Services at a sharp discount!!!

Contract Number for Montage Education 

Contract Number for Montage Education (BrainHoney LMS): ITCC-059-2015

Contract Number for Distance Learning: DLCC-008-2015



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