Introducing the New Buzz LMS!

Montage Education to be in attendance at the 2015 Agilix Personalized Learning Summit in Provo Utah 

As personalized learning becomes more mainstream, Montage Education remains at the center of the discussion and is working to identify and harness the most outstanding online ed/tech tools and resources to help drive your online Programs.

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One of the most innovative of those resources is the Buzz LMS aPersonalized Learning Application, developed by Agilix. The new Buzz LMS is 'mash up' of the popular and award winning BrainHoney LMS and the personalized learning application (also known as Buzz) that has produced large scale transformation in student achievement in Detroit, New York, and large and small districts across the country. Montage is excited to be a part of this learning revolution and invite you to contact us for a DEMO of BUZZ. We look forward to discussing how your school or district intends to implement personalized learning solutions and resources to drive high student achievement.

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Personalized Learning Summit: 2015

Save the Date: July 15th-16th, 2015 - Personalized Learning Summit in Provo, Utah. Location: Utah Valley Convention Center - Provo, UT and Sundance Resort.

Join blended learning thought leaders and practitioners at the first annual Personalized Learning Summit which will take place in Provo and Sundance, Utah this coming July. The purpose of the Summit is to build on the excellent work of iNACOL onPersonalized Learning definition and best practices, the Aspen Institute’s concept of Personalized Learning Networks, CCSSO’s interest in blended learning and technology interoperability, and other worthwhile contributions to the vibrant and rapidly growing field of Personalized, Blended and Student-centered Learning. The Summit will feature a school design workshop, effective use cases and best practices from the field, application of appropriate technologies and interoperability strategies that will help committed educators improve student learning outcomes.

Special Event: Lifetime achievement award to Clayton Christensen for his pioneering work in school reform. July 15th luncheon at the Utah Valley Convention Center.

This event is in coordination with the Provo School Board and highlights the online education possibilities thanks to Google Fiber’s relationship  with Provo City. Agilix will co-sponsor the event with organizations from the corporate and foundation community (e.g. HMH, Intel, Pearson,  Gates, Broad and others. The summit will feature sought after education thought leaders like:

PLS15 will include sessions featuring blended teachers, teacher coaches, and other field experts to speak on myriad topics around student-centered learning and personalized learning. The Summit will also highlight Utah’s growing Ed Tech sector and vibrant blended learning ecosystem. It will include opportunities for entrepreneurs, start-ups, education providers, and other contributors interested innovations in blended learning.Intended audience: Educators committed to student-centered learning, state chiefs and deputy chiefs, local and state government leaders, business stakeholders and others interested in advancing Personalized Learning strategies and the accompanying technology tools.