A Math Framework for Success

Course Description

 Description Learn how to transform struggling math students into successful mathematicians with a specific intervention framework.

Session A ­‐ Recognize errors patterns and identify missing prior knowledge, review solutions for reteaching, using alternate algorithms, and building on conceptual understanding.
Session B - Understand and apply the power of Singapore Math’s concrete-­‐pictorial-­‐abstract sequence of learning
 Objectives Essential Question – How to successfully identify and mitigate student math errors and frustrations so can grow confidence in math class?
  • Learn a straightforward framework that can be applied to any math problem and in multiple situations
  • Have your confidence boosted through greater math expertise
  • Experience the power of Singapore Math’s concrete-­pictorial-­abstract sequence of learning
 Participants Up to 30
 Session Length Session A = 2 hours; Session B = 2 hours
 Prerequisites Session A Required for Session B
 Contact For more information, please contact Sharon Burke at 561-327-4950 or sburke@montageeducation.com