OnTrack to Post-Secondary Education


OnTrack to Post-Secondary Education (OnTrack) is an online college and career readiness program designed to help students, parents, counselors, educators, and after-school program staff successfully navigate the post-secondary education process.

Delivered through weekly grade-specific video modules, OnTrack provides 9th-12th grade students with the knowledge and confidence to complete their high school experience and create a viable post-secondary education plan.

Using the prescribed OnTrack curriculum, students are better prepared to navigate high school, understand the post-secondary application process, gain acceptance to an institution of their choice, and receive financial aid to support their attendance.

Students can invite a mentor (parent, guardian, teacher, etc.) to share the OnTrack curriculum and assist them in the post-secondary obtainment process.

OnTrack is a gifted service of the Uncommon Individual Foundation (uif.org) provided to students, mentors, schools, and community-based organizations at no cost.

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