Online Curriculum

Montage Educations provides access to cutting edge online curriculum resources for k-12 institutions, programs and alternative learning communities.

Our curriculum options are engaging, personalized, and aligns to State and/or Common Core standards. We can deliver hosted curriculum solutions or you may host curriculum we provide on your own LMS!

Our online curriculum for grades K-12 offers full and supplemental courses, STEMand special interest courses. We also provide access to Credit Recovery for those students who have yet to complete all their credits to meet their graduation requirements. With access to GED and certification course options, Montage Education thrives to deliver individualized educational experience no matter where a student is in their academic journey.


Accelerate Education

Accelerate Education provides Online Courses, Credit Recovery Courses, Independent Study Courses, Blended Learning Objects, Digital Curriculum, Mobility Enabled Systems and Tools to increase educational opportunities and achievement to students and teachers in grades K-12.

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Comprehend Online Curriculum

COMPREHENDTM is a fully TEKS-aligned 3rd-12th grade curriculum, offering the essential core subjects for each grade, as well as high school level electives, and includes Common Core standards. Presently over 50 courses are available in online and work-text formats, with more courses in development.

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Middlebury Interactive Languages

Middlebury Interactive’s new ELL curriculum helps to close the achievement gap and enhance the ELL offerings in your school or district.

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OnTrack to Post-Secondary Education

OnTrack to Post-Secondary Education (OTPSE) is an online college and career readiness program for students, parents, school personnel and community organizations to become informed of the PSE process.

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